November 2019

Dear Shareholder,


I’m still reeling from our Por La Vida evening, I was overjoyed that so many of you were there to share in such a special evening for me and to help usher in the new regime, so to speak. We came up a bit short of our funding goal for the evening and did not raise the funds that we were hoping for. If you weren’t able to attend and would like to send a donation, we have enclosed an envelope for you to do that.

In some of my reading lately I’ve come across Faith, Hope and Love many times and I’m a firm believer that God will continue to send us the word we need until we real hear it. So, I’ve started digging into each of these words and how they apply to me and the ministry of the Pregnancy & Family Resource Center.

Faith, so many things come to mind when I think of faith. What faith it takes to just exist today, how faithful God is in providing for our ministry, the faith that young women and men put in the staff and volunteers at the pregnancy center, and how faithful each of you are in supporting us financially.

Hope, I can’t live without it. Hope that there is so much more waiting for us when our time on earth is done, hope that situations will get better, hope that I’m able to be a part of the harvest of the seeds that are sown from the pregnancy center.

Love, my favorite! If you know me or have spent some time around me chances are I have told you that I love you. I don’t say it because I think it needs to be said, or it’s just something to say, but rather I say it because I do love you. I mean I have a deep concern for you and/or your wellbeing. I’ve never been one to shy away from the “L” word, well at least not after placing my eternal trust in Jesus. I’ll be honest, my husband and I didn’t even say I love you until sometime after we were married. Isn’t that just dumb, I mean really, I just committed my life to you but I’m too chicken to say “I Love You”!!  I was very blessed to be raised by a very loving, self-sacrificing man. He wasn’t and isn’t (yet) a believer, but he made sure that I always knew that I had a loving father that would put all of himself aside to provide for my needs. Is there a better way to show love than that? And the best example of a loving Heavenly Father for me later in life.

How do Faith, Hope and Love play into the ministry at the Pregnancy & Family Resource center? How do we live it for our clients, just as my Daddy did. We demonstrate to each client that we are who we say we are and we do what we say we will do, so they can trust us to be faithful. We do what we say we will do so our clients come back and see us with hopefulness that we will walk this journey with them, letting them know they are not alone. We truly love, with reckless abandon, the people that come through our doors. How can I make such a bold statement? Easy, if we didn’t love those, we serve we would have stopped serving long ago.

Let me assure you as our shareholders the few of us on staff don’t do what we do for the reward in our bank accounts, we do it for the reward that awaits us in Heaven. We do it for the reward of a young girl deciding to carry her child to term. We do it for the young man that is struggling to provide for his family and needs assistance. We do it because at some point God put the calling on our hearts, and we answered the call.

I have a call that I would like for you to answer. For several years we have been looking to do something special in the month of December for our families. After quite some prayer and logistical planning we think we have a way to provide an extra special blessing for our families for Christmas, but we need your help.

Our plan, God providing, is to give each family that comes in during the month of December a basket with non-perishable Christmas dinner grocery items as well as a $25 gift card to Walmart. What a way for us to show Hope, Love and God’s Faithfulness to a struggling family at Christmas and allow them to purchase gifts for their children.

I have enclosed the grocery list and am inviting you to join us in bringing Faith, Hope and Love into the homes of those that need it most this time of year. If you don’t want to purchase the items and would like to send the funds for us to purchase them, just indicate on your giving that it is for Christmas Dinner Outreach. The grocery list and one $25 gift card to provide for a family comes to $62. We will be gathering groceries and funds at our center until Saturday November 30th and will begin handing out the Christmas Dinner and gift cards to all clients the month of December.

More information will be on our Facebook and now our Instagram (pregnancyandfam) pages, or just drop by and talk.


In Him,