December 2019

Dear Shareholder,


It’s been a whirlwind the past months, I wish I had enough time to go over all the blessings that God has been pouring, heaping upon this ministry. I’ll just hit the highlights, the abbreviated version if you will.

I’m not sure if you know, but we have been a licensed community medical clinic since 1999, but we haven’t used that to our advantage, until NOW!!! Towards the end of September, I was given the privilege of speaking at the 40 Days for Life kick off for San Bernardino. When it was over an incredible, God inspired Doctor offered his services for our pregnancy center. We now have a Dr of Radiology that reviews and writes a report for every ultrasound done here at the Pregnancy & Family Resource Center. We are now able to perform and offer limited diagnostic ultrasounds for our clients. What’s the big deal about this, you ask? Well, we are now able to do more specific detailed sonograms that moms can take to their physicians. This allows us to be even more encouraging to those that are in the “valley of decision” when it comes to carrying their child or terminating. God’s provision is so amazing, we hadn’t even begun to pray for God to provide and He did!!

The next major blessing and praise is something that we have been praying about for many years, and no surprise, God provided. We have been open for the past 6 Saturdays! I’ve expressed on our Facebook page about this but want to make sure that everyone knows just how amazing this is. I’m sure you know our God-planned strategic location in front of Planned Parenthood and ½ mile from Family Planning, both are open and perform abortions on Saturdays. I know sidewalk counselors that are at each of these locations on Saturdays but can only encourage girls going to get an abortion to wait until Monday when our pregnancy center is open. No more waiting, the sidewalk “Angels” can now send them to our center on Saturdays for pregnancy testing, accurate/factual pre-natal development and information on pregnancy choices. We also provide them with love, truth, encouragement, and God’s word. Right now, we are open and providing our free services based on financial faith. Our being open on Saturdays adds $1000 a month to our budget. We are prayerfully seeking funds to continue to cover this day indefinitely. Is $250 too much to save the life of a child and mother? I don’t think so, do you?

Going into 2020 we are going to be making some online and mobile friendly improvements, since that’s where most of us do the majority of our communication nowadays, especially those that are seeking our services. That means that beginning in January we will have New, Improved and Updated websites!!!! We’re working with an amazing company that will allow us to pay “what we can afford” then they donate the rest of their services for FREE!!!! Isn’t God good? I would have never imagined a web designer that gears his business to building, maintaining and growing websites just for Pregnancy Help Centers. Yes, we need funding to pay “what we can afford”, but God will provide.

Last blessing that I will highlight is our software system, it may not be exciting or a blessing, but it really is. I mentioned earlier about the limited diagnostic ultrasounds and part of providing that free service is being HIPAA compliant. This software ensures, provides and exceeds the required compliance. This system, like our web designer, is designed by Pregnancy Help Professionals specifically for Pregnancy Centers!! Amazing, I know. As if that’s not awesome enough, we get the first 500 entries at no cost then its $40 per month. But wait there’s more, we have someone that has pledged to cover the monthly cost for our first year! Here’s the best part, eventually we will be paperless! I am most impressed with how our “mature” advocates are grasping this new system on iPads and are graciously succeeding.

Every day, I am more and more amazed at the work that God has done here at the Pregnancy & Family Resource Center. Like I said earlier there isn’t enough paper to recount every gift, blessing, praise and awe moment we’ve had just in the last month.

I am grateful, thankful and overwhelmed at each of you and the way you give and provide for this ministry so richly. We are 100% privately funded and will stay that way so that we don’t have to cave or follow anyone’s direction other than our perfect Creator. Any and all donations made or dated by December 31st will be posted for this tax year.

I look forward to you continuing this journey with us, “To infinity and beyond”.



In Him,