January 2020

Dear Shareholder,


Wow! Just typing 2020 seems strange and exciting. As this year begins, I’ve been praying for God to provide the guidance and the vision that He has for us to follow at the Pregnancy and Family Resource Center. I keep coming back to the word REDEEMED. This word came to me before the beginning of this year, but I think it is His plan for us to follow for this year.


He has delivered us from the domain of darkness and transferred us to the kingdom of his beloved Son, in whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins.        Colossians 1:13-14


I know that I’ve been redeemed by God’s overwhelming love and Jesus’s sacrificial love, and I’m hoping that each of you reading this has experienced the same. This is exactly what I want for every person that comes through the doors of our center. When someone comes to the pregnancy center my desire is that they are overwhelmed with the peace of the Holy Spirit as if they are coming out of darkness into the light of the Beloved Son. I know that God’s presence has filled every square inch of our center and at times it has been tangible. Recently I said to someone that so many things we do and provide here are important but, I never want someone’s temporal material needs to overshadow the eternal value and impact of the Gospel of Jesus.

I know for a family in need, a package of diapers may seem to be the most important focus in their life, but it’s only important until the need is filled. But sharing God’s word and His redemptive love for each of us is vitally and eternally important. It will never run out, it never needs replenishing, it is a constant in our lives once we receive it.  Yes, we use that pack of diapers or the can of formula to help a family meet an immediate need, but we also use that time to share God’s love and extend an invitation for everyone to receive that redemption.

Looking forward and planning out what this coming year will look like is quite a daunting task, but so exciting as well. I want to plan events that are appealing and informative but also inclusive for all our shareholders. Do you have an idea of an event that you think would benefit us and our partners? Drop me an email (pregnancycenter.execdirector@gmail.com) or lets meet to talk it out. We always have room on our event planning team for you as well.

Another change that I wanted to inform you about is our new online giving platform. We are moving from eGiving to Stewardship. I decided to make the change and I recognize the disruption it will cause, but I want to be as fiscally responsible as possible. Stewardship is more mission focused and charges us a lower monthly rate as well as a lower transaction rate. For that and a few other reasons beginning immediately we are changing our online donations. For those of you that do contribute through our online system you will receive a letter and email with detailed instructions for changing to the new online giving. I appreciate your patience and diligence in advance.

I’m thrilled to formally and boldly announce that we are officially open on Saturdays from 10am to 2pm for pregnancy testing and ultrasounds. Being open on Saturdays is the result of one church sharing with their body for one month what it will cost to be open and they responded! What God can do when someone speaks life and truth is so unbelievable. I’m still blown away, seeing the ripple effect from sharing my heart and desire to provide necessary services to women and children in our community and just how far and how many it reached.

Lastly, this is the last monthly donation receipt that I will be sending out. In my desire to move toward a less paper, responsible ministry I’ve decided to cut out the monthly donation receipts and offer a year end statement, if needed. Also, if you would prefer to only receive the monthly letter via email, you will have that option going forward. Along with this letter you have an “Opt In” form to let us know if you prefer a paper mailed monthly letter or an emailed monthly letter. The monthly letters will also be available to read online on our NEW website very soon. If you choose the email option, please make sure that I have a current and accurate email address for you.

Thank you for your continued support and could I ask for you to pray for me, the staff, volunteers and every client that we are blessed to meet.



In Him,