October 2019

The Lord hates six things in fact, seven are detestable to Him: arrogant eyes, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that plots wicked schemes, feet eager to run to evil, a lying witness who gives false testimony… Proverbs 6:16-19


My Fellow Shareholder,


Yes, that is a very heavy scripture to start a letter, I know but… I am currently enraged at what I’ve been reading lately.  I read about SB-24 the College Student Right to Access Act. This bill will require student health centers at ALL California state universities and state colleges to stock and provide chemical abortion drugs, but you know it won’t stop there. How long before our community colleges are required to “stock and provide” these abortion drugs? This bill is currently waiting for the governor’s approval or prayerfully his veto.

Let’s think this through logistically (I’m totally a logistic minded person, so bear with me), college girl gets chemical abortion drug on Friday afternoon goes back to her dorm, since it’s Friday let’s assume her roommate is out doing the college thing, not hanging in her room. College girl takes the first pill (mifepristone), “This medicine stops the pregnancy from growing.” Direct quote from the Planned Parenthood website. I did not attend any medical school, but I have had multiple pregnancies and 2 children and from every doctor visit I went to while pregnant I can never recall my Dr saying your “pregnancy” is growing. Sorry, small soap box moment. College girl takes the first abortion pill, hopefully she has been given some guidance as what to do and what not to do. Friday night she just goes about her life. Then Saturday, again hopefully she was given instructions, or 48 hours after the first pill she takes the second medicine (misoprostol), “This medicine causes cramping and bleeding to empty your uterus.” Direct quote from Planned Parenthood website. What is the emptying of a uterus? I’m sure we all know what that is, labor. College girl is in a dorm, maybe far from home, alone and now is bleeding and cramping. Who and where does she go for help? Student health centers aren’t open 24 hours a day or at all on weekends, if she’s hemorrhaging, she can’t get help from the facility that provided the abortion drugs to her. So, where or who does she go to, who is there to help her? The abortion facility that the SB-24 bill says is too far away and “restrictive”.

It is not a pretty picture and I do apologize for being too detailed or graphic about this but we, those like you and me that are passionate about helping ladies in distress during a pregnancy, need to know that we can do something. One way is to call and urge, plead, beg our governor to VETO SB-24.

If you don’t get the results you want from contacting our Governor, please know that the financial support  you provide to the Pregnancy & Family Resource Center is standing in the gap and putting feet on the ground to help gals like I described on college campuses. Can we here at the pregnancy center do more? Yes, we can and with your financial support and prayer we are and will.

Not to make this letter any more depressing but I do want to share some hard facts about Planned Parenthood that ended my morning reading, right before I started this letter, remember I said I was enraged. From Planned Parenthood 2017-2018 annual report I found the following numbers

Emergency Contraception Kits (morning after abortion pill)        631,510

Abortion Procedures (not chemical but surgical)                           332,757

Pregnancy Tests                                                                                   1,074,952

Prenatal Services (pregnancy health checks)                                  9,055

Where are the numbers for chemical abortions? And did you notice that less than 1% of moms received prenatal care for the over 1 million pregnancy tests they performed. Are you angry? Disgusted? Good, then I have your ear and hopefully your heart for the women and families we serve here at the Pregnancy and Family Resource Center. Now you see why I chose the scripture from Proverbs!

I am inviting you to join me and an amazing man named Mike G Williams on Friday October 25th for our Fall Fundraiser event. Mike is a 2017 GMA Dove award winner and is going to be our key speaker and sharing his story and encourage all of us in the pregnancy help movement. This evening will be a bit more casual as past years because Mike shares his passion through comedy. We are having a fiesta themed dinner (translation, Taco Bar) and dessert.

This is an evening for you to invite friends, family and neighbors that can stand in the gap with us and speak truth, love and life into families in our community. We are taking table reservations now, as well as looking for financial table sponsors. We are a 100% privately funded non-profit organization and we do what we do because of shareholders like you.

I encourage you to bring husbands, boyfriends or any significant man in your life. Saving lives and restoring hope in families is not just for us women!


In Him,

Kathleen Jones