February 2019

Dear Sustaining Partner,


“We are weaving the future on the loom of today.”  Grace Dawson

This morning I’m thinking about the wearying task God gave Moses to lead the people from Egypt to the land He had promised them. I can easily imagine how discouraged he felt when called upon to deal with one issue after another. I’m confident he was grateful for God’s specific instructions about how to handle a myriad of circumstances. Conversely, how thrilling to meet God face-to-face!  Apart from the need for deliverance, that never would have happened. I thought about this mixed blessing this morning when I prayed about my own personal challenges. God reminded me my present circumstances are part of His master plan for me. He will use them to show me His glory-that I will know Him. It helps to have gracious positive reinforcement from The Lord. Otherwise, I’d be reduced to “everything happens for a reason” and crossed fingers, which is not anywhere near enough to keep me going with joy and expectancy!

I’m excited as I review with you, our partner, where we are as we begin our 46th year of ministry, 16 years under the umbrella of Mountain Right to Life, Inc. as a licensed community clinic in the State of California.  Through the years, we’ve grown and adapted to meet our clients’ needs. In 1973, our primary function was to tell the truth about the horror of abortion and to, as best we could, walk through a pregnancy with a young, usually unmarried woman. As you know, we’ve grown and now offer an array of FREE pregnancy related services in a prime location between two abortion clinics.  In the last few years, we’ve become very intentional to share Biblical truth with our community and encourage those who come to us to seek God’s healing power as they recover from the spiritual, physical and emotional brokenness, which is characteristic of our clientele. We celebrate 1,145 clients have made a commitment/recommitment to follow the Lord since 2008-when we began keeping track of “decisions for Christ.” Granted not all have been discipled as we would like, but we know we are planting seeds others will water and harvest down the road. Who knows where any of the thousands of Bibles we’ve given out will end up? We do know that God says, “My Word will not return void,” so He will use every copy to open the understanding of someone who seeks Him.

One thing is certain; God has given us incredible favor with businesses, churches and individuals in our community who have the wherewithal to provide for our clients. We have made it our uncompromising policy to be diligent and responsible with how we use donations of funds and material goods.  We can be liberal with our clients who earn what they need for themselves and their babies through our points program.  The difference between extending our hand with an offer to help and simply handing out goods to enable dependency is seen in the outcome of the families we serve when they grow beyond their need for our services, and only stop in for a visit. How we LOVE seeing those kiddos who may have never been born if not for your generosity to sustain our outreach to people who at one time believed an unplanned pregnancy was the worst possible disaster.

Bottom line is we understand the reason for our success is God has ordained we be here to minister in our community. We take every opportunity to tell the truth: ALL LIFE IS SACRED BECAUSE GOD SAYS SO! He uses you and others like you who so profoundly believe truth you willingly supply necessary funding (Often sacrificially) to keep our doors open. Whether you are a recent financial partner, or one who has been with us consistently for a long time, please understand that we appreciate you, we pray for you and that every client served here in YOUR local mission is an extension of your personal ministry in the mighty name of Jesus! You share in our successes and we are encouraged to know we are not alone in thinking this is pivotal work for the Kingdom while together we build a legacy of life.

Clearly, as we go forward this year there are many needs we want to be available to meet, lots more people to reach and many more opportunities to expose the lie that abortion is simple, safe and rare. We’re up to the challenge and excited to “go” places we’ve not gone before, especially in terms of services. Currently we have three (3) men in the advocate training class. I am praying this will help us boldly stride forward and minister to the men who come through our doors.

Don’t forget to block off Saturday, April 13 from 10 AM to 12 PM on your calendar for our Annual Walk for Life!! There will be some changes this year we hope will encourage more involvement from our sustaining partners. We’re simplifying and streamlining this traditional event to promote family participation without claiming your entire day. Pledge sheets and details coming soon!

Look for the Spring Newsletter in your mailbox in early March! There’s a lot going on down here in San Bernardino on Airport Drive and there’s a place for YOU to become even more involved in YOUR local mission.


Yours For Life!

Lisa J Wholley
Executive Director