January 2019

Dear Sustaining Partner,


If my calculations are correct this is approximately monthly letter 156—but I’m not a math genius, so who knows? I do know this is the beginning of year 14 for me as Executive Director of Pregnancy & Family Resource Center. No! Wait! Now that I think about it, that’s not quite right. The board offered me a position as Executive Director of San Bernardino Pregnancy Counseling Center, AKA—Crisis Pregnancy Center. WHOA! There were clear identifiable problems right away. We heard it from every direction, “You’re not a licensed counseling service, are you?” And, I’ve always had a problem thinking baby and crisis in the same thought. A baby may be unplanned, but I refuse to accept a baby’s a “crisis.” Pompeii was a crisis. The town of Paradise burning to the ground was a crisis.

So, we upgraded our name to replace “crisis” with “resource” in the first year I was here, and then again to include “Family” in 2010, right around the time we expanded (to 4,100 square feet) for the second time. We started with about 1,400 square feet at this location in 2004, then to 1,900 in 2008 with the acquisition of a conference room and additional office supply storage. The name change at that time was the result of some forward-thinking people who organized a “Task Force” to further tighten and solidify our mission, ministry and vision. Since then there has been no confusion among our partners or in the community about who we are and what we do. And, there’s nothing that smacks of embellishment we must defend when people ask how we can be a counseling center with counselors who have no degrees and licenses. Pure and simple: We provide FREE pregnancy related services to women and families in our community. Helping to build strong, stable families is second only in importance to saving the life of the baby from one of the two neighboring abortion clinics. Thus, our tagline, “Saving families one child at a time.”

During that first year we had our work cut out for us to build and stabilize the ministry, but we rose to the challenge and provided FREE services to nearly 800 clients with 28 reported turn-arounds—up from 12 the previous year. In 2018 we were busy providing services to the 1,600 active clients and new walk-ins who would have headed next door had we not been here to introduce a mom to her baby and then follow up with FREE services which includes the first pregnancy test, two FREE non-diagnostic ultrasounds, help with relationships and setting goals to move forward. We have an abundance of resources to which we can refer and a listening ear and compassionate heart for those whose lives are overwhelming. In short, I can’t think of more rewarding “work.” My tenure with this ministry has provided much joy and satisfaction. I couldn’t begin to explain all the biblical truth God has made real to me over these many years. Psalm 77 was my “turning point one hot July day when I was at the end of my proverbial rope.  Since then God has walked me (Often too slowly for me.) through the toughest times of my life. He has been more than faithful—proving grace, mercy and work in my life is NOT dependent upon my goodness, consistence or performance. I’d have crashed and burned a long time ago if that were true.

This time for me is more than a walk with you ‘Down Memory Lane.” I suppose in one respect it’s an “Ebenezer” as I try to explain my miraculous life. However, it’s also a challenge because I remind you God is capable of the same sort of work in the lives of all who choose to say “Yes!” to however he’s calling you to trust.  (Which cannot be explained other than simply Gods sovereignty!)

As I’ve made widely known, I’m very clear it’s time for me to move on to retirement and adventures with my husband of just a few months. Every day we have together is a gift and I desire to make the most of them. Though it’s difficult to let go and see what God has planned for this ministry, I’m excited about the future. In Isaiah God talks to His people about the new thing He’s got coming their way. I believe with all my heart, there is no boundary on what God will continue to do through this ministry. The question is with whom?

And so, at the beginning of the year I offer this challenge to you or to someone you know—Who will come forward as I did with excited and shaky knees to step on to a wonderful new path God has already planned. I say with all honesty, there are not lots of people qualified to serve as Executive Director. But there is ONE whom He has prepared. We just need to connect. Who better to ask to help search, but our dedicated partners who love this ministry as much as I? The first contact would be with me. Call 909-382-4550 and we’ll chat, then I’ll put you in touch with our board chairman, Ron Johnson.

As we go into a new year, we’re gearing up for the HUGE blessing of the Sanctity of Life Sunday emphasis several churches have begun as a way of helping to provide material needs while at the same time, encouraging folks (Both men and women) to volunteer. Put simply: WE DESPERATELY NEED VOLUNTEERS!! There are many ways to serve. Pick one and see what happens. You’ll be amazed at how God will meet you in ways you never thought.

In closing, I’ll let Carolyn tell you why this place is important to her, “The most significant benefit I received during my visit today is the respect and compassion with the services offered. You guys are wonderful! “

There’s a place for you…Let 2019 be your year of discovery and legacy building.


For Life!

Lisa J Wholley
Executive Director