March 2019

Dear Sustaining Partner,


Santa Anita racetrack is closed! People are not happy, but PETA insisted it remain so until an investigation reveals why 21 thoroughbred horses have died during training or racing since December. While I have tried in vain to discover the total value, we all know lots of time and money go into breeding, training and racing these stunningly beautiful animals. What a tragic waste, we say. One was euthanized this morning.

I’m driving a busy street and a stray dog runs into traffic. Everyone hits brakes and sounds horns. The poor animal is scared and confused which just makes it more heartbreaking for all who watch. Someone will be successful to coax the terrified dog to the curb and then make every effort to secure treatment and locate the owner. No one wants to see a dog end up euthanized in a shelter.

Every week at Petco there are scores of adorable kittens in cages, and I fall in love with a couple. They don’t come home with me because Mike gives me “the look.” He’s right, we have enough pets, but…look at that little face.  What will happen if kind people don’t adopt each of them? Perhaps they’ll be euthanized? To think that may happen makes my heart sink.

I’m concerned, very concerned about homeless, mistreated, suffering animals. I grew up on a farm where we considered our animals kind of like extended family. Yes, even my grampa’s chicken pecked the door to go in and out. Currently, our cats (The boys) and dog are part of our family. Studies show pets are therapeutic, although I doubt Darby eating one pair of reading glasses after another is good for anything except for us learning to exercise control.

My first impulse when I see an animal in distress is to provide comfort and a safe place. Most humans react the same way, so I’m stunned when the first instinct of anyone dealing with a tiny, helpless human baby isn’t the same. I simply cannot get my mind around what I see and hear from pro-abortion supporters. How can anyone approve, and celebrate the right murder an unborn or newly born child? Yet, that’s the reality of the days in which we live. It’s stunningly shocking and cruel, but the worst is this: IF we do not unite and plan and work, the lack of respect for life—ALL life—will erode even further, and we’ll find everyone is easily expendable based on someone’s subjective opinion.  Our world is not a safe place for human beings, that’s for certain!

Don’t you agree it would be great if we could put on our Super Hero gear and save the world? We struggle against our fantasy of a “super hero” who will come rushing in to save the day, and we’re force fed this nonsense from every direction. The hard truth is there are no super heroes.

Making the world a better, safer place for all depends upon ordinary people like us who see what’s wrong and have the courage and initiative to act. If we fail to do what’s right God will ultimately redeem the situation, but the consequences will be evidenced by the trail of destruction we leave behind on our self-centered little paths.  A hero is one who does a hard thing regardless of timing, security, strength and lack of a nice costume.

The good news is the time is perfect for you to join us while we can still openly tell the truth about the sanctity of life.  Frankly the personal sacrifice is minimal, but the benefits for everyone will multiply in ways you cannot begin to imagine from your current point of view if you’re doing nothing.

My legacy is knowing during my service here I’ve been instrumental in over 1,000 babies saved from abortion. In addition, I’ve learned and grown and stretched out of my comfort zone while I’ve stood shoulder-to-shoulder with some of the most wonderful people on the planet. My life has been enriched in ways I would never have guessed since I first set foot in Pregnancy & Family Resource Center. Your experience will be no less blessed.

Get ready! Get Set! Go!  Call 909-382-4550 and speak with our volunteer coordinator, Wendy DeView.

Find out more today about how you can get involved as a volunteer, sustaining partner and participate with us in events we plan to create awareness and increase funding. Everything and everyone matter when LIFE is on the line.

I challenge you to “Spring In to Action” and start with the Walk for Life on Saturday, April 13. Get sponsors, come down, take a tour, meet us and discover where you’ll fit…beautifully.

There’s a place for you!


For Life!

Lisa J Wholley
Executive Director