Client Stories and Prayers

Christine – With my visit today I received helpful information for my physical and mental health. I got to talk to this great woman that made me feel better about my unsure thoughts.

Asiha – The most significant benefit I received was knowing that God is the head of my life and He brings loving individuals in my path to share His love.

Alondra – Hearing me out and actually giving me the best advice and not making me feel bad for my choices.

Amy – To accept Jesus Christ into my life

Natasha – My new bible and being reminded to actively keep the Lord a part of my life.

Desiree – How to keep having faith in God – Self Worth

Dolores – The most significant benefit was the prayer.

Alisha – Pray for me to stay sober.

Carolina – I would like to have the father of my baby to be more involved with church and marriage before the baby is born so that our baby can have married parents and when its old enough to understand it can see and know that God will always be involved. I just want our baby to grow up seeing both parents have a loving relationship with God. You ladies are marvelous! I can’t thank you enough for all the information you provided and will continue to give.

Paulina – The attention, everyone so friendly here and they really hear you out and care for you.

Vivian – I didn’t feel judged

Destinee – I ask plenty of questions and got answers for all of them

Eileen – Pray for restoration in my family because I’ve caused many heartaches on my parents for the mistakes I’ve made. Learning about abortion and its long-term negative effects as well as how insensitive it is for a human life just like me.

Jasmin – That everything goes the way God want me to handle this and for my mom to understand that if I want to keep the baby to understand and support me.

Client Success

“Amy” came to our center last year with her boyfriend “John”, she was 16-year-old he was 17 and they found out that she was pregnant. They returned every month for her appointments and after several months she told her advocate that she still hadn’t told her mom because she was so afraid. More months past and again “Amy” told us that she hadn’t told her mom, “Amy” was now into her third trimester and one of our advocates offered to meet her and her mom at Starbucks to be with her as she told her mom of the baby girl she was going to have very soon. Finally, “Amy” did tell her mom and as she said it didn’t go well. After telling her mom I asked “Amy” what is was that she needed from her mom that she wasn’t getting and she looked at me with her sweet 16-year-old eyes and said, “I just need my Mom.” August of 2018 “Amy” and “John” welcomed a healthy beautiful baby girl. Just this week “Amy”, “John” and baby “Amber” stopped by for an appointment and informed us that she just graduated from high school and he passed all his GED tests!

I’m so encouraged by the motivation and strength of these two “kids”. Not only did they choose life for their baby girl they stayed on track educationally to make sure and set a good example for their daughter. AMAZING